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How do we let the community know the work and importance of gun violence prevention?

Lead Agency 

Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice (DMPSJ) 

Deputy Mayor:

Lindsey Appiah

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY22 - present




Jasmin Benab

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Program Summary 

202forPeace is the District-wide gun violence awareness campaign. 202forPeace brings together community leaders, youth, and agencies across the city to encourage efforts and build community support to reduce gun violence and other forms of violent crime.  The aim is to stabilize, partner, empower, and equip ALL communities in the District with the tools necessary to increase safety in their communities through weekly peace walks, education, resource pop-up’s, service projects, and community engagement activities.

How does it help? 

202forPeace works in the community to build community-based support to prevent gun violence and other violent crime. Through the show of support and collaboration with the community and sharing stories of the community, the impact of gun violence becomes more real and personal for those not yet involved in prevention and reduction.

Who uses this program?

202forPeace is a District-wide campaign and staff members are often present in the most vulnerable neighborhoods. 202forPeace can be recognized by the distinct 202forPeace logo and the color orange. Learn more about the significance of the color orange here:

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