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How do we support vulnerable adults and promote behavioral health and wellness?

Lead Agency 

Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)


Dr. Barbara Bazron

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY20 - present




202-673-6495 or


For More Info

Community Response Team

Program Summary 

The Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) Community Response Team (CRT) offers 24-hour services to individuals experiencing behavioral health emergencies or who have unmet needs and require assessment, support, and connection to services. This team has behavioral health specialists, licensed clinicians, and peers in recovery who meet communities where they are. They also provide community education, individual and neighborhood outreach, and response and intervention support.

How does it help? 

This team has an ongoing presence to: 

  • Conduct on-the-spot assessments and referrals to behavioral health care.  

  • Engage individuals living with unmet needs to encourage treatment.  

  • Connect to support services including employment, education, and economic benefit programs.   

  • Offer harm reduction options such as life-saving naloxone while promoting treatment.  

  • Support diversion from the criminal justice system for low-level behavioral health-related offenses.

Who uses this program?

The Community Response Team offers 24-hour services to communities experiencing psychiatric emergencies, trauma, or showing signs of mental health and substance use disorders.   

To reach the Community Response Team at any time call 202-673-6495 or 202-673-9300.


On average, the Community Response Team provides crisis response and outreach support to 525 individuals each month. During these interventions, CRT assesses needs and connects individuals, families, and communities, with appropriate resources.

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