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How do we provide safe transportation to residents vulnerable to gun violence?

Lead Agency 

Department of For Hire Vehicles (DFHV)


Melinda Bolling

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY22 - FY23




Charles Davis 


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Program Summary 

Promise Rides helps remove transportation barriers for District residents impacted by gun violence so they can access essential services such as healthcare, employment, educational opportunities, and social and community services.

How does it help? 

Taking the Metro bus or train isn’t always the best mode of transportation for residents impacted by gun violence.  Tasks that might seem simple – such as how to purchase a MetroCard – can be barriers for residents who have been incarcerated for an extended period.  Walking along a certain neighborhood block or in a certain community can also be harmful to residents who might have been involved in “crews”.  The Bowser Administration recognizes the importance of providing access to safe transportation (i.e. taxi) as an essential first step to getting back on track and is using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars to fund the Building Blocks DC line item for the Department of For-Hire Vehicles to address this need.

How much is invested?

Promise Rides began in February 2022 and offered free taxi rides to qualifying DC residents. More than 7,900 rides were provided between February and September 2022 at a cost of $162,112 – roughly $20 a ride per person. The Bowser Administration significantly increased the investment to more than $900,000 for Fiscal Year 2023.

Who uses this program?

District residents impacted by gun violence who are enrolled in the People of Promise program at the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE) or are receiving services from a DC Government agency or community organization that has partnered with DFHV may use the Promise Rides program.

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