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How do we keep neighborhoods safe during holiday weekends?

Lead Agency 

Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice (DMPSJ)

Deputy Mayor:
Lindsey Appiah

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY22 - present 




Jasmin Benab

For More Info

Go Teams

Program Summary 

Safety Go Teams support communities and residents throughout holiday weekends and where large crowds are anticipated.  Go Teams are composed of Violence Interrupters, Credible Messengers, and Safe Passage employees, all familiar with particular neighborhoods and with historical conflicts. 

How does it help? 

The District has many non-law enforcement groups that want to engage with community members and provide services and supports. Holiday weekends are a time when the community is out and easily engaged. There is also a risk of increased gun violence during holiday weekends and non-law enforcement partners can help reduce and prevent gun violence by their presence and their interactions with residents. Safety Go Team duties are essential because they are a critical component in de-escalating conflicts or negative activities that could potentially cause or lead to violence in our communities. 


Safety Go Teams:

  • Provide an increased positive community presence;

  • Reduce the fear of violence for community members;

  • Improve the degree of personal and household security through information/education;  

  • Employ de-escalation strategies.

Where does this program serve?

Go Team members deter crime and deescalate conflict in a 4-block radius of an identified neighborhood known for large gatherings and where violence can escalate quickly.

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