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How do we learn from Violence Interrupters across multiple groups and Wards?

Lead Agency 

Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE)

Interim Director:

Kwelli Sneed

Fiscal Year(s) Funded





Shakitha Leavy

Program Summary 

Every week violence interrupters from the District come together to discuss gun violence related to community and neighborhood issues. They talk about ways to stop retaliation and calm specific areas. They form a game plan, across organizations, of outreach and service and support help.

How does it help? 

The District has many organizations working to interrupt violence across the District. By sharing ideas and community ties they are stronger together. This meeting helps community violence interrupters coordinate and improve their services to all neighborhoods.

How much is invested?

The District recognized this as a need and uses existing staff for the program.

Who uses this program?

Communities who experience neighborhood violence benefit from violence interrupters working together in their best interest.

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