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How do gun violence survivors access immediate mental health services? 

Lead Agency 

Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG)


Jennifer Porter

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY22 - FY23




Daniel Rappaport

Program Summary 

The District funds trauma-informed, trauma-specific, and complementary and alternative therapies and healing practices for those affected by gun violence. This includes community healing circles in neighborhoods; trauma-specific therapeutic individual, family, and group services; crisis intervention; complimentary, alternative, or holistic therapy; counseling; and trauma-informed mental health services. Referrals for services are made through the Office of Neighborhood Services and Engagement (ONSE) to grantees that must reach out within one business day of referral.   

How does it help? 

When gun violence occurs it affects the victims, survivors, family, friends, and communities. Trauma-informed mental health services can help all with the grief, fear, mental and behavioral health, and even physical health. These services can help individuals and communities heal. 

How much is invested?


Who uses this program?

All District residents who are impacted by gun violence, that accept or request a referral through the ONSE for mental health services. Children, youth, families and adults affected by gun violence may request services through the ONSE.   

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