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How do we work with school personnel to assist the most vulnerable students?

Lead Agency 

Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE)

Interim Director:

Kwelli Sneed

Partner Agency 

Department of Employment Services (DOES)


Dr. Unique Morris-Hughes

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY20 - present



For More Info

ONSE Leadership Academy

Program Summary 

The ONSE Leadership Academy (OLA) is a school-based pilot initiative launched in Fall of 2019 in partnership with the District of Columbia Public Schools and the Department of Employment Services’ Year-Round Youth Program. A team of ten full-time staff is embedded within the schools and provides attendance monitoring and behavioral supports and interventions, as well as Safe Passage support during morning arrival and afternoon release.

How does it help? 

This program aims to promote school and community safety and reduce challenges or barriers to success for the highest-risk students. The team collaborates with school administrators, teachers, and professionals to tackle this critical work.

Who uses this program?

At three high schools and three middle schools over 200 students have been selected to receive additional support due to attendance, behavior, and academic progress challenges. Students are referred to the program by school personnel (principals, assistant principals, counselors, and social workers) in consultation with the School-Based Initiative Team.

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