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How do we help residents vulnerable to gun violence gain permanent employment? 

Lead Agency 

Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE)

Interim Director:

Kwelli Sneed

Fiscal Year(s) Funded

FY18 - present




Mishawn Freeman

For More Info

Pathways Program | onse (

Program Summary 

The Pathways Program helps vulnerable residents gain employment and remain on a path away from the criminal justice system through three phases. In the first phase, there is a 9-week classroom training that focuses on life and job skills. In the second phase, there are six months of subsidized employment. The third phase offers long-term support services to help participants gain and retain permanent employment.

How does it help? 

Gaining permanent employment is one of the biggest needs of vulnerable residents. This program helps teaches the skills needed to gain and keep a job and gives a chance to work at a job while receiving support and developing work habits and an employment record. The long-term supports and services keep participants on track and serve as a resource if employment challenges come up.

Who uses this program?

Individuals are referred to this program by government agencies involved in violence intervention and prevention work. Participants are ages 20-35 and have been identified as being at risk of participating in, and/or being victims of violent crime. 


Local private and public employers are valuable to the success of the program. Employers can sign up to learn more about hosting a Pathways participant here. 


*Cohorts are still active in their subsidized placements.

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