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Where are the Violence Interventionists and who are they? 

Violence Intervention in the District

The District has a vast network of Violence Interventionists working to reduce and prevent gun violence. These outreach workers use a public health approach to violence intervention with the idea that gun violence is like a contagious disease, the spread of which can be interrupted. They provide both immediate crisis response services and long-term stabilization support and help prevent shootings by identifying and immediately mediating conflicts in a community and working with individuals most at risk. Often these Violence Interventionists have deep ties to the communities where they work and understand the risks and opportunities specific to those areas. Below is a map identifying community-based organizations serving in the most vulnerable communities. Also below is a flow chart showing all community-based organizations supporting District government agencies in this vital work.

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 5.02.40 PM.png
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