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MeghanMarie Fowler-Finn
Chief Administrative Officer

MeghanMarie Fowler-Finn is the Chief Administrative Officer of OGVP and manages the day-to-day operations, including the budget, communications, and data analytics. She focuses on improving OGVP services through data-informed decisions, strategy, planning, and empathy. She has worked for the District government for over ten years most recently as a Business Relationship Manager at the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and as the Performance/Data Manager at the District Department of Transportation. She has also worked in several District Emergency Operations Centers throughout the years when called.

MeghanMarie's city government career got started after a doomed quest to become a professional soccer player, which led to serving in the Peace Corps in Jamaica and realizing her passion for local government. This led to a Master in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, with a specialty in Social and Urban Policy, and then her first District government job at the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis and completed DC’s Executive Leadership Program (ELP) in 2019. 

Fun fact: She once rode her bicycle from Pittsburgh to DC over 5 days and 330 miles.


Amy R. Mack, Psy.D.
Policy & Program Advisor

As the OGVP Policy & Program Advisor, Dr. Mack collaborates and coordinates across all DC government clusters to improve policies and programs/practices that intersect with gun violence prevention strategies. She has an extensive history with DC Government having served as special assistant in the DC Department of Human Services Youth Services Division, former deputy director of the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services and served as a clinical psychologist in the DC Department of Behavioral Health’s School-based Mental Health Program in Benning Heights. Additionally, she worked as a consultant to the US Department of Justice, US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Department of Education.

For five years, she was the director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Disaster (behavioral health) Technical Assistance Center. She has led national research and evaluation studies on mentoring, police-mental health partnerships and school climate. She integrates her training as a clinical psychologist with a special focus on trauma recovery and violence interruption into the field of public health. She believes that collaboration across disciplines strengthens the likelihood for impact and sustainability.

Fun fact: She enjoys yoga, meditation and reminding others to take time to breathe.


Adrian Richardson
Social Service Officer

Adrian Richardson is a native and 4th generation Washingtonian with deep family and personal roots in the city. Adrian has 15 years as a public servant with the Government of the District of Columbia and is passionate about serving the residents.

Adrian currently serves as a Social Services Officer with the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. Rising through the ranks, Adrian is responsible for managing the agency’s Youth and Public Safety Team. The team has the critical mission of supervising Electronic Monitoring and Abscondence efforts for youth involved in the deepest end of the District’s Juvenile Justice System. Under Adrian’s leadership, DYRS was able to reach the lowest number of youth in abscondence in the history of the agency. He serves as the agency liaison with the Metropolitan Police Department and has received acknowledgement and award for his exceptional leadership performance, professionalism, consistency and ability to appropriately manage sensitive communications. His strong leadership is largely attributable to the completion of an intensive management and leadership series with George Washington University. Adrian is masterful at engaging and developing important and relevant partnerships, as demonstrated by his long standing and strong agency partnerships to include the Department of Human Services, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, Metropolitan Police Department, DC Housing Authority and the Metro Transit Police.

Adrian is a devoted single father of his beloved daughter. He co-hosts a weekly podcast that channels his passion for helping his community with discussions that are focused on current challenges facing young men transitioning to adulthood. His entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to own and operate businesses for graphic design, media production, life skills development, and training.

Fun Fact: He loves to go fishing!


Rafael Moreno
Data Scientist

Rafael Moreno is a Data Scientist at OGVP. He works on data analytics projects including forecasting, spatial analysis, and predictive analytics to get insights and trends that help to explain the dynamics of current and projected gun violence in the District.

After obtaining his Master’s in Data Analytics at Catholic University,  Rafael was selected for a research grant from NASA to develop a machine-learning approach for the retrieval of Mars' atmospheric conditions. Right after that, he started working at the Office of the Chief Technology Officer as a Data Scientist for the Data Strategy team providing support to District agencies to improve data workflows and geospatial analysis, in addition to engaging the District's data science community through DS@DC.

Fun fact: He is a former barista and he is very passionate about coffee.


Aaron Tinch
Program Analyst

Aaron Tinch is the Program Analyst for OGVP tasked with administrative duties that aide the office in being responsive to inquiries, needs, and concerns posed by residents and stakeholders in DC.

Aaron is a native of the District of Columbia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from the University of Maryland College Park. He graduated from Payne Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in divinity.

For twenty years, Aaron has worked in the social services arena providing direct services to youth, adults, and their families in both the public and private sectors. He has impacted the shaping of policies and operations, constructed programming to support safe community activities, and delivered intensive case management services through counseling, mentoring, and resource coordination for youth and families to address issues such as abuse or neglect, substance abuse, recidivism, and transitioning from detention release. As the deputy director of a nonprofit organization, Aaron's efforts lead to the organization inclusion in the Alternatives to the Court Experience program administering diversion from the juvenile justice entities.

Fun fact: He collects crafted turtles and owns turtles made of metal, wood, and aluminum with one created out of a used door knob.


Kandis Catalan
Program Manager: Credible Messenger Unit

Kandis Catalan joined the Office of Gun Violence Prevention (OGVP) in January 2022 as Program Manager. In this capacity, Kandis facilitates observation of OGVP grant-funded community programming while leading a team of Credible Messengers whose focus is community engagement, advocacy, and connecting community residents to transformative opportunities. Roots planted in community non-profits, Kandis shifted her career to government, nearly 10 years ago at the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. A true public servant, Kandis is committed to community engagement and being a catalyst for healing and positive transformation for all community residents.

Kandis earned her B.A. in Communications from Fayetteville State University and a M.A. in Organizational Communication from Bowie State University. Living in the District, her favorite pastimes are live music, traveling, and hitting the bike trails with her family.

Fun fact: Kandis spells all “C” words with “K”. She is always down for karaoke and “K”-art wheeling with her daughter!


Allondo Sutton
Credible Messenger

Allondo is a proud and active father who works day to day to help shape a safer city so his children and all children of the community can play freely and safely where they call home. Born and raised in the District of Columbia, Allondo is a true Washingtonian. He loves the home sports teams, and all the city has to offer; city culture, sporting events, and listening to go-go, and rap music by day and oldies by night to help balance his day. Joining the Office of Gun Violence Prevention as a Credible Messenger, Allondo engages the community with positivity and opportunities for transformation.

Fun Fact: Allondo loves swimming, but doesn’t know how!


Dajuan Bates
Credible Messenger

Dajuan, a Washingtonian born and raised in “ The Great Ward 8” , thrives off the happiness of others; “ I love people when they are happy, its almost like other people’s happiness makes me happy!” Mr. Bates is an active father who is in the business of giving back to his community; especially the youth! As a Credible Messenger with the Office Of Gun Violence Prevention his goal is to continue to do just that; pour happiness into his community and be the change he wants to see for all people no matter the color or race.

Fun Fact: Loves listening to R&B and if the vibe is right he will get his 2 step on and is a die hard Dallas Cowboy Fan!


Fernando Smith
Credible Messenger

A native Washingtonian, Fernando Smith obtained his primary education from Friendship Educational Center, where he first learned the importance of education. Caught up in the violence of the 1980s, Fernando spent most of his years in the juvenile justice system. Driven by the educational values instilled at Friendship, Fernando obtained his GED an enrolled in college. Although advancing educationally, Fernando made decisions earning him confinement in the federal prison system, where he found a true pathway to redemption and rehabilitation. Taking advantage of all programs made available to him, re-enrolling in college, he actively began studying law. Upon his release,  Fernando became an entrepreneur and created transitional opportunities for returning citizens, and assisted them in navigating success plans. In 2022, Fernando joined the Office of Gun Violence Prevention as a Credible Messenger where he is an example of transformation and puts forth every effort to aid in the transformation of others. Fernando earned is B.A. at West Virginia University, as he continues to serve his city, he aspires to become an attorney within four years.

Fun Fact: As an avid motorcyclist for over 35 years, he finds riding and hearing the roar of pipes to be his therapy and self-care.


Reginald Mathis
Credible Messenger

Reginald Mathis is a native Washingtonian who has been serving his community since his grandmother was the Ward 8 Councilmember. Throughout his life, he’s had several family members who were killed due to gun violence. Because of that, he has a strong determination to help end gun violence so others won’t have to experience the pain he’s endured after losing close family and friends. Reginald still resides in Washington, DC and it gives him great joy to serve his community.

Fun Fact: A collector of Fine Art.

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